Precision Industriesoffers high quality products from the following Manufacturers:

PGT Windows and Doors, Custom Window Systems, Simonton Windows,

Jen-WeldDoors, Impact Technology Inc. shutter products, AHTshutter products and 

Wind Screens   Ez Hurricane Screens

Precision Industries offers high quality Hurricane and Security Products.

Hurricane Panels Panels are the least expensive protection you can purchase. You will invest more in time to

                                          prepare for on coming storms as each panel installs as a separate unit.

Accordion Shutters Accordions are  time saving and work saving shutters. All you need to do to prepare for a storm is pull the shutter to the closed position and lock, it's that simple.

Roll Shutters Roll Shutters referred to as Rolldown or Rollup are the higher end shutter , they can be 

                          operated manually or electrically with a switch or a remote control.

Bahama Shutters Bahama Shutters are permanently attached to the structure wall at an angle to allow viewing

                                     from inside your home in the event of a Hurricane you simply release the locking arm close the

                                     shutter and lock it. Hurricane compliant Bahamas can be expensive.

Wind Abatement Screens Screens can be operated manually or electrically or stationary mounted to the home wall to cover the opening. Screens are designed to lessen the flow of air passing trough the screen thus

creating a buffer zone between the Hurricane winds and your home openings

Impact Windows and Doors Impact protection - while expensive, requires absolutely no effort on your part once installed you are protected. The laminated glass acts as your windshield does on your auto.

Replacement Windows Windows in a home can be an excellent source of energy loss, allowing

cold air to escape in Summer months and heat in Winter months. Gas charged insulated glass is

an excellent product to combat energy loss. Window construction plays a major roll in deciding on

a window that will most fit your needs.


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